Fly Himachal - India’s First Unique  Adventure Aero sports club  Fly Himachal is the only adventure Aerosport club in  India to have its own airstrip, dedicated airspace and clearance from the Government of India. Formed In 2005 by a few adventure and Aerosport enthusiasts, we  have a pool of very experienced, highly qualified pilots with thousands of hours of flying on all types of flying machines and contraptions.
Dream your Free Flight  If you have ever dreamt of flying, or gazed up at the birds soaring  above and longed to join them, this is your chance to live that  experience! Fly Himachal fulfill your dream of  free flight in a day!
Fly Himachal
Real aeroplane - Real thrill Make your thrilling flight in an open cockpit powered aircraft 
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Fly your Dreams
"For once you have tasted flight you will  walk the earth with your eyes turned  skywards. For there you have been and  there you long to return."  - Leonardo da Vinci
We offer Located in Mandi (Himachal Pradesh), just 180 Km from Chandigarh and 100 Km short of Manali, we offer Flying  Holiday Package, Joyrides, Complete Pilot Training Package on Powered Paraplane OR Powered Paraglider,  Microlight Aircraft and Powered Hang Glider or weight shift control aircraft by DGCA instructors. Our special package- Pilot Owner Membership (POWER) gives you the power and privilege of the Aircraft  at fraction of its cost. The aim of the POWER program is to give power to you. In this scheme of membership, you  are given a life membership of the club. This has many privileges like having a vote in the elections of the club, to  have your say in the running of the club. Most importantly, it entitles you the use of the club facilities,  equipment and the premises (that includes the aircrafts and the airstrip).
Joy Ride - Discover Your Wings Fulfill your dream of flying. Though our discovery flight - a short introduction to flight- you will be given ground as well as flying training and handle controls of the aircraft yourself. Our highly experienced instructors will help you discover the potential pilot inside you, waiting to take wings. In this  ten minute of flight, you will climb at least one thousand feet above the valley...
Fly Without Fear The powered flight gives you freedom from fear. The Powered  Paraplane and Microlight aircraft are designed very much like their  original powerless predecessors - the paraglider and the Glider. The engine is needed really for take off only (and to go to a place  against the wind). Thereafter, the machine is capable of gliding and  landing just about anywhere. You are free of the worries of strong winds taking you where you did  not plan to go.  Powered flight also gives you freedom to fly in most  conditions where a Paraglider would be forced to remain packed in its bag.
Safety Safety is our foremost consideration and we take a number of steps to ensure your safety. Besides mandatory safety and operational  inspections by government agencies, we have many additional safety  measures in place which far exceed the minimum legal requirements.  Our pilots are not only well trained and experienced; they have been  cleared by the Aviation Regulatory Authorities of the country and the  State. Our pilots have Govt. of India certification and Pilots licenses. We use the latest state of the art equipment, which is certified by, again,  DGCA, Govt. of India and  a licensed Aircraft Maintenance  Engineer  (AME)...
Training Programs   Flying, by itself, is not inherently dangerous but to a greater extent  than the sea, it is cruelly unforgiving of any incapacity or neglect. Fly  Himachal is the only Aerosport club to have pilots with professional  licenses from DGCA, Govt of India. Our instructors and pilots are accredited by our Country’s Aviation  Regulator. Also, we not only meet the mandatory legal requirements  stipulated by the Indian Law, but surpass them in many cases.. 
Twin Seater Paraplane
Two Seater Microlight Aircraft
Joy Ride
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