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Fly your Dreams
"For once you have tasted flight you will  walk the earth with your eyes turned  skywards. For there you have been and  there you long to return."  - Leonardo da Vinci
About Us Fly Himachal is the only adventure Aerosport club in India to have its own airstrip, dedicated airspace and clearance  from the Government of India. Located in Mandi (Himachal), just 180 Km from Chandigarh and 100 Km short of  Manali, right there on the NH21 Formed in 2005 by a few adventure and Aerosport enthusiasts, we have a pool of very experienced, highly qualified  pilots with thousands of hours of flying on all types of flying machines and contraptions Why Powered Flight? Fly Without Fear  The powered flight gives you freedom from fear. The Powered Paraplane and Microlight aircraft are designed very  much like their original powerless predecessors – the paraglider and the Glider. The engine is needed really for take off only (and to go to a place against the wind). Thereafter, the machine is capable of gliding and landing just about  anywhere.  You are free of the worries of strong winds taking you where you did not plan to go.  Powered flight also gives you freedom to fly in most conditions where a paraglider would be forced to remain packed  in its bag. Additionally, you sit on a seat, on three wheels with shock absorbers and are not required to take the shock of landing on your knees, ankles and body. This makes it really safe for the casual and not so adventurous joy ride  (thrill) seekers. For serious flyers, it gives you the means to really explore the countryside without having to search for a launch site  and wait for suitable weather conditions. Best Time for a Joy Ride We fly morning 1000 to 1700 everyday from 10 April to 10 Jun. No flying from 01 Jul to 30 Sep in Monsoon season. The best season to fly is the winter season. Bright sun, clear blue skies and snow clad mountains around will sure lift your spirits and leave you breathless. Clothing  wear trousers and shirt or Tee with shoes or sandals with back strap. Ladies should avoid skirt and saree. The tandem seating is like the pillion on a motorbike. You will be provided with protective, wind proof clothing, eye protection  (goggles) and helmet with intercom so that you can converse with the pilot.
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